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Business Insolvency

Whether for reasons of forward thinking insolvency preparedness, or to restructure financial obligations or address negative market trends, businesses and corporations in need of insolvency expertise count on Lawrence Kamin to provide creative business solutions. Our attorneys have advised and represented businesses in a broad range of troubled circumstances: from the established business with a strategic customer in distress, to the business with marginal or slightly negative EBITDA, to the deeply insolvent business enterprise.

We employ a blended business insolvency practice which is premised upon developing and delivering value-enhancing, business-driven solutions for our local, regional and national clients. As such, we combine battle tested insolvency-based strategies with sophisticated business transaction services to effectively accomplish our client’s goals.

Lawrence Kamin attorneys have broad hands-on experience and knowledge in this business area, and as such are trusted by clients to:

  • Negotiate and prepare vendor/supply agreements, license agreements, employment agreements and related commercial contracts for insolvency preparedness
  • Assist management in applying the financial and operational analysis necessary to isolate and identify business limitations and in developing corrective actions
  • Provide advice on the tax impact of relevant courses of action and engage in tax planning
  • Conduct capital raise and financing efforts for new equity, working capital, take out financing and “loan to own” transactions
  • Advise directors, managers and partners on corporate governance matters, including fiduciary duties and obligations, in the context of insolvency
  • Formulate and assist management in carrying out restructuring and revitalization plans pursuant to, and consistent with, insolvency related law, and
  • Negotiate with owners (members, shareholders and partners), lenders and other creditors, and prepare all forms of business agreements necessary to accomplish the client’s goals

When necessary, our attorneys are prepared to file, conduct and successfully conclude Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases for the benefit of our clients.

To every client engagement, our professionals bring a sophisticated understanding of corporate restructurings and revitalizations, corporate governance, tax, debt financing and investment capital, labor and employment and related areas to accomplish client objectives.

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