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Tax Controversies

Lawrence Kamin attorneys have substantial experience advocating for individuals, corporations, partnerships, trusts and estates, tax exempt organizations, and other clients embroiled in tax disputes or controversies with the IRS, Illinois Department of Revenue and other state and local agencies at all levels.

Our diversified practice groups and attorneys position us to aggressively represent and effectively manage tax controversies before, during and after a tax audit. When our client’s goal is to quickly resolve a tax issue, Lawrence Kamin efficiently and effectively engages the appropriate tax authorities to accomplish a fair resolution so our client can go back to focusing on personal, professional and business matters. When the goal is to establish a preferred tax structure for a client’s unique business model, our attorneys professionally and effectively advocate for precedent that may enable a business to thrive and grow in a tax efficient environment. For each client matter, we apply creative problem-solving skills and zealous advocacy to assist our clients in reaching a fair resolution.

Pre-Audit and Internal Audit Services: Clients often call upon Lawrence Kamin even before any tax authority arrives. Those who are considering, but have not yet taken, a tax position may request a formal tax opinion or a pre-audit assessment of the risk of the position, the likelihood that the position would trigger a tax audit, the appropriate recordkeeping to minimize the risk, and the possible outcomes of that audit if conducted. Clients who realize that they already have taken a tax position that may place them at risk often engage Lawrence Kamin when seeking a meticulous and confidential internal audit or investigation to determine the exposure from this past position and a plan for correcting past mistakes and minimizing future tax risk.

Audit Services: When a tax authority initiates an audit, our attorneys regularly assist clients in the formulation and implementation of overall audit strategies that can lead to the efficient and successful resolution of the audit. We work with both clients and the taxing authority to establish the credibility and communication needed to achieve prompt and satisfactory resolution of the audit and to mitigate and minimize a client’s risks of tax assessments. To that end, we help clients anticipate the focus of a tax agent’s inquiries and provide thorough responses that address the tax authority’s concerns. Our attorneys also accompany clients to audits and interviews to ensure a client’s factual and legal position is fully and effectively represented.

Tax Controversy Representation Services: When an audit results in a disagreement on the appropriate tax treatment, clients engage Lawrence Kamin to pursue appeals of audit results and advocate in tax controversies before the taxing authorities, tax court, and appellate courts.

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