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Shareholder or Partnership Disputes

Internal business disputes can pit partners against partners, shareholders against management, or directors, officers, or investors against the company they helped to build. These disputes often strike at the core of a company’s direction, thwart transparency to key decision-makers, delay corporate action, and foil leadership succession. Not only are these disputes emotionally draining to management, they can be financially devastating to the company.

Lawrence Kamin is uniquely qualified to handle shareholder and partner disputes due to the blend of experience our firm has across litigation, business and commercial, and securities and investment practice areas. Our trial attorneys have represented equity holders, including minority shareholders, in assuring that their rights and interests are protected, and in thwarting unfair attempts to “squeeze them out” or deprive them of the benefit of their ownership. Likewise, we have assisted businesses, management and principals in defending against intrusive lawsuits or actions taken by insurgent shareholders or partners, who seek to advance their own interests at the expense of the enterprise.

Working in collaboration with Lawrence Kamin’s Business and Corporate Services team, our litigation group helps to effectively resolve disputes and enable leadership and partners to establish and implement plans that allow the business to develop and flourish. We explore creative business relationships as alternatives to resolve impasses that otherwise may appear to be insurmountable. And we provide thoughtful advice to clients seeking strategies to help avoid disputes before they arise, or to resolve conflicts that threaten to tear apart their enterprises.

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