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Contracts & Transactions

Contracts are the foundation upon which all commercial relationships rest. From a consumer’s acceptance of terms and conditions using a website or app, to employment agreements with employees, to the purchase of a competitor’s business, contracts form the basis of everyday business relationships and document major changes in the company’s future. They define a business’s legal relationships when business runs smoothly and determine the business’s rights, and, often, the procedure for resolving business disputes, when a relationship ends in controversy. And, as with every other structure, failure to establish a solid foundation upfront will inevitably lead to unnecessary expense and conflict, if not to complete collapse.

Lawrence Kamin’s business attorneys recognize that sound contracts are fundamental to accomplishing our clients’ goals and protecting their interests. We have prepared, negotiated, and advised on thousands of agreements for businesses and individuals across a wide spectrum of clients and industries.

  • In the manufacturing sector, we have prepared agreements for research and development, for the purchase and sale of materials and equipment, and for the marketing, warranty, and distribution of products.
  • In the service sector, we have advised on client agreements, master service agreements, artistic works for hire, subcontract agreements, and software development and distribution agreements.
  • In the financial sector, we have negotiated client account agreements, independent and employee adviser contracts, team agreements, operating agreements, commission override agreements, and more and harmonized them to ensure enforceability, consistency, and compliance with firm and regulatory requirements.
  • In all sectors, we have negotiated and documented business formation agreements (letters of intent, partnership agreements, operating agreements, etc.), lending and finance agreements (loan agreements, private equity agreements, finance workout agreements, forbearance agreements, etc.), personnel agreements (employment agreements, restrictive covenants, bonus agreements, severance agreements, etc.), real estate contracts (purchase and sale agreements, escrow agreements, lease agreements, financing, etc.), business sale agreements (purchases and sales, asset sales, etc.), and countless others.

While agreements may share certain common terms, each requires an independent analysis to assure that it satisfies a client’s unique interests for a given situation. The depth and breadth of our attorneys’ experience enable us to understand and anticipate the needs of our clients from a business operational and tax standpoint. Lawrence Kamin has the skill to negotiate agreements effectively and efficiently, the knowledge to ensure that important risks are considered and addressed, and the wisdom to focus on larger issues in a transaction and avoid protracted discussions and disputes that can lead to a transaction falling apart.

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