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Our Successes Large Industrial Client Closes Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Acquisition to Accommodate Growth

Lawrence Kamin assisted a large regional supplier in acquiring several, multi-million dollar industrial properties, both single and multi-tenant, throughout the Midwest. The acquisition positions the client to implement its growth strategy.

Bank Closes $15 million Construction Loan

Lawrence Kamin successfully represented a regional lender in a cross-collateralized $15 million construction loan and subsequent letter of credit for the expansion of a large church campus.

Professional Practice Successfully Acquires Large Office Building in Short Sale

Our real estate attorneys represented a medical practice in acquiring a large medical office building in a short sale, effectively negotiating a lease-back with the seller to allow the seller to maintain its practice location while boosting the buyer’s occupancy rate and revenues.

Large Corporate Client Completes Complex Sublease in Downtown Chicago High-Rise

Our firm successfully negotiated a complex sublease for 75,000 square feet of office space in a well-known high rise building in downtown Chicago on behalf of a large corporate tenant.

Our Strategies Pre-Acquisition Strategy Creates Favorable Calculation of Closing Accounting Adjustments

SITUATION: In a deal worth over $500 million, Lawrence Kamin represented a corporate client and its shareholders in the sale and merger of a business to a private equity firm. In negotiating the merger agreement, the selling corporation and Lawrence Kamin astutely anticipated and planned for a dispute over the complex closing accounting adjustments.

STRATEGY: Our business attorneys carefully drafted language to support the client’s position on how the closing adjustments should be calculated and effectively negotiated acceptance of its inclusion in the agreement.

RESULT: After the merger closed, the purchaser disputed nearly $23 million in total closing accounting, as our firm had expected. Based upon the language Lawrence Kamin negotiated into the agreements, the major accounting firm that arbitrated the dispute awarded our client, the seller, more than $20 million of the total amount in dispute.

Effective Negotiation and Contracting Mitigates ERISA-Regulated Pension Withdrawal Liability

SITUATION: Lawrence Kamin represented the owner of a large business in the contractual sale of the entity to a sizable buyer. The seller was a member of a multi-employer liability pension plan regulated by ERISA, which poses risk for automatic and immediate “withdrawal liability” to the seller if not appropriately mitigated in the contractual process.

STRATEGY: Our business attorneys identified this often overlooked liability issue early on. We effectively negotiated with the purchaser and documented the incorporation of statutory language and mechanisms required by the statute into the sale contract to ensure that future pension liability would reside with the buyer.

RESULT: Lawrence Kamin minimized the potential for post-closing liability for our client and enabled our client to shift substantial future costs to the purchaser.

Business Client Gains Flexibility while Saving Costs by Integrating Relationship Contracts

SITUATION: A vibrant financial service office had engaged a competing law firm to write a form employment contract and post-employment restrictive covenant. Unsatisfied with the result, the client engaged Lawrence Kamin to review and rewrite the documents. During initial consultation, our attorneys learned that, in addition to the relationships governed by the employment contract, the client had multiple business entities and a complex spectrum of independent contractor and other compensation-sharing relationships all governed separately by distinct agreements. Individuals often switched between an employment, independent contractor, or compensation-sharing role and, in many cases, held multiple positions simultaneously with different clients of the office.

STRATEGY: Lawrence Kamin recommended a simultaneous review and integration of all of these contracts into a single “Affiliation Agreement.” Our firm effectively prepared an agreement that was simple to read and flexible enough to cover the affiliate’s separate or simultaneous compensation and obligations in any role as employee, independent contractor, or non-contractor under a compensation-sharing relationship.

RESULT: After implementing the new Affiliation Agreement, the client reported that the approach requires less internal recordkeeping and reduced confusion among affiliates as to which agreements and responsibilities apply to distinct portions of an affiliate’s relationship. Importantly, the increased clarity of the single agreement also substantially lowered the client’s risk of litigation. Notably, Lawrence Kamin’s fees for preparing the Affiliation Agreement were substantially lower than the competing law firm’s fees to write the original employment agreement that the client found unsatisfactory.

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