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Mergers & Acquisitions

The decision by a business to expand its portfolio, to sell off assets or lines of business, or to combine or merge with another entity requires careful consideration, rigorous analysis and detailed attention to planning and documentation. Many businesses have looked to Lawrence Kamin’s team of trusted advisers to guide them through the challenges of acquisitions, sales and mergers. Armed with decades of experience, practical knowledge and legal acumen, our attorneys routinely assist public and private acquirers—both domestically and around the globe–in designing, planning, and executing complex transactions.

Lawrence Kamin regularly represents clients in the purchase or sale of assets or stock, mergers and integration of newly acquired business units, spin-offs, divestitures or recapitalizations. Our seasoned tax and business professionals help clients navigate through every aspect of these transactions, including:

  • Pre-negotiation non-disclosure agreements
  • Analysis of the most advantageous structure
  • Negotiation of the letter of intent
  • Preparation, evaluation of due diligence requests and review materials
  • Securing financing for the transaction
  • Preparation and negotiation of purchase and sale agreements
  • Addressing regulatory concerns
  • Negotiation of continuing employment and consulting
  • Documentation of non-competition and non-solicitation agreements
  • Advising on the seamless transition of the business from one owner to another
  • Completion of post-closing financial and operational matters

From the outset of the engagement, our firm assists clients in identifying strategies, assessing risks and potential costs, and setting management plans and structures to efficiently complete a transaction. We work with our clients and their financial advisors to explore and implement tax strategies that will bring our client the most efficient tax result. This early engagement also allows us to prepare clients to complete the customary due diligence process in a thoughtful and efficient manner. By doing so, our attorneys are able to identify and address potential issues and risks at an early stage, before significant time and energy have been invested in the transaction, and to structure and negotiate deals more effectively.

Lawrence Kamin mergers and acquisitions business attorneys have assisted clients with little experience buying or selling businesses as well as seasoned veterans who regularly engage in these transactions. And we have overseen both small acquisitions and large high-value transactions worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Our attorneys draw upon valuable experience in the areas of real estate, financing, tax planning, securities, employment, and non-competition issues, and utilize exceptional skills to assist clients of all sizes to reach their goals and objectives, both business and personal. Contact us today.

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