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Firm partner Ted A. Koester and a staff member review wealth preservation and tax strategies with clients
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Strategic Tax Advisers and Estate Planners

Tax & Estate Planning

Many clients assume tax planning and estate planning are only for the extremely wealthy – the top 1 percent in terms of income or total net worth. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially as the tax laws continue to change and the annual number of filed lawsuits continues to rise. The need for effective tax and estate planning isn’t based on how much you have – it’s based on how much you have at stake.
Your family’s security.
Your children’s guardianship.
Your hard-earned income and assets.
Your business and its future.
Your emergency medical care.
Your peace of mind.
Your legacy.

Lawrence Kamin attorneys understand the unique and complex tax and business planning needs of business owners and high-net-worth individuals. These clients require thoughtful analysis, sophisticated legal strategies and creative solutions that provide income and estate tax relief, creditor protection, and ensure a smooth transition of ownership or control down the road. They need sound legal advice to effectively guard against risk, avoid disputes, and ensure continued and efficient business operations. Most of all, business owners and wealthy individuals need legal advisors that stand with them every step of the way.

Our firm provides planning for business succession and the accumulation, conservation and ultimate distribution of wealth. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge and unparalleled skills and experience in this area. We know how to maximize the benefits of state and federal tax, estate and business laws for our clients. We employ a preventative approach to minimize litigation risks. And we bring care and compassion to every client engagement, treating your professional and personal interests as if they were our own.

Clients who engage Lawrence Kamin to help them take proactive legal steps to get their business, financial and personal affairs in order before they pass often save their loved ones a tremendous amount of time, money, worry and stress. By investing in an estate plan upfront, you can effectively minimize taxes, preserve your wealth and shield your company and loved ones from costly probate, unnecessary estate administration and/or estate litigation after you’ve passed.

You can’t take it with you, but you can direct where it goes once you pass.
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