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Powers of Attorney

Every adult should have a power of attorney (POA) for health care and a POA for property in place to ensure that, if they become incapacitated, their affairs are managed by someone they trust. People who fail to execute powers of attorney prior to suffering a disability put future decisions about their personal care, lifestyle and assets in the hands of a judge to be determined in a costly and public probate court proceeding. Lawrence Kamin’s estate planning attorneys routinely prepare and often customize straightforward POAs that provide great value and security for our clients.

Power of Attorney for Health Care

Our seasoned estate planning attorneys work with each client to thoughtfully structure a POA for health care that addresses a variety of issues and personal concerns: designation of an agent who will make health care decisions on her/his behalf when needed and authority to handle Medicare and Medicaid issues, financial commitments for medical care, organ donation, disposition of remains, and more. We help clients plan for tough medical scenarios and document their wishes as it relates to hospitalization and nursing home care, use of medications and end-of-life care.

Lawrence Kamin appreciates the emotional burden associated in planning for and navigating a medical emergency. We assist our clients with developing an effective and detailed POA for health care to assure that their loved ones have clarity about our clients’ wishes, and are granted the legal authority and access to medical information necessary to make critical decisions when needed.

Power of Attorney for Property

Lawrence Kamin’s estate planning attorneys have developed thousands of POAs for property for individuals of all ages that effectively designate an agent to manage assets and financial affairs in the event of incapacity. Such powers can define the authority of the designee to buy and sell real estate, manage retirement and other investment accounts, file tax returns, and to oversee many other financial affairs.

At Lawrence Kamin, we understand the importance of these documents and prepare powers of attorney that empower our clients’ agents to execute our clients’ wishes.

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