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Strategic Tax Advisers and Estate Planners

Asset Protection

Every business owner and professional practitioner should invest in a rock-solid asset protection plan geared to protect one’s assets against the claims of existing and prospective creditors. Many business owners, professionals, and other wealthy individuals dedicate a lifetime to building their wealth and success, but put everything at risk by underestimating the potential threats to their business. Some even fail to consider an asset protection plan when faced with dire financial distress or threatened bankruptcy.

At Lawrence Kamin, our asset protection attorneys have a unique blend of experience in business structure, tax and estate planning, and bankruptcy. We understand the critical importance of minimizing the asset risks that businesses face, including:

  • Professional liability and malpractice
  • Personal liability of corporate officers, directors and shareholders
  • Lawsuits by customers, employees and former business partners
  • Personal injury suffered on company premises
  • Personal injury resulting from a motor vehicle or other accident
  • Liability as a guarantor for business debts or debts of another person
  • Liability for misconduct and/or employees’ actions

Lawrence Kamin attorneys have a long history of designing and implementing proven, legally-sound strategies to preserve wealth, safeguard assets from creditors or litigants, and minimize tax burdens. With demonstrated strength in the area of asset protection, our firm is trusted by business owners, entrepreneurs, property owners, professionals, and wealthy individuals to protect their assets against potential litigation, judgments, liens, fraud, bankruptcy, and unnecessary taxation.

Our attorneys take the time to understand a client’s business. We help clients evaluate the risks of their business or practice, as well as whether and how those risks could attach to the various assets and asset classes of the business and individual. Working with the client and the client’s insurance, accountant, and other trusted advisers, we help our clients safeguard their wealth. We use strategies that take into account the spectrum of risks, the nature of the assets, the country of origin, and the tax regulations that apply to those assets. We have substantial experience restructuring businesses and investments to shield valuable assets from general operational risks and to isolate assets that are sources of risk. We help negotiate with debtors to protect clients as creditors, work with insurers to evaluate coverage and determining gaps and insurance needs, and establish trusts and create estate plans that preserve accumulated wealth. When a client becomes a creditor in a bankruptcy court or a defendant in litigation, our litigation team stands ready to fiercely advocate for the client.

Asset protection is not about giving in to fear. It is about preparing a plan that empowers a client in the face of risk. Lawrence Kamin attorneys help clients design strategic asset protection plans, providing clients with confidence that their accumulated assets are secure.

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