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Strategic Tax Advisers and Estate Planners

Trust, Estate & Guardianship Disputes

Lawrence Kamin vigorously represents corporate and individual trustees, executors, administrators, beneficiaries, and other interested parties in trust, probate, and guardianship disputes and in estate administration matters. Our attorneys have created a powerful synergy across our litigation and estate planning focus areas, allowing us to provide strategic and pragmatic solutions for clients in these often complex cases. From Will construction contests to actions seeking an accounting or the appointment of a fiduciary, we draw from decades of experience and extensive knowledge to effectively advocate for our clients’ interests. That is why corporate fiduciaries, surviving spouses, children, grandchildren and even other Chicago law firms have entrusted Lawrence Kamin to guide them through probate and non-probate estate-related lawsuits.

At the outset, our attorneys identify goals for desired results with our clients. We conduct diligent investigation to assess all parties’ strengths and weaknesses in the case, which allows us to anticipate opposing parties’ tactics and design strategies tailored to meet our clients’ objectives. We leverage the diversity of our legal team – with professional backgrounds as former SEC regulators, former corporate trust officers, CPAs, and business owners – to handle the nuanced legal and tax issues that often arise in this type of litigation. When these controversies create tax challenges, Lawrence Kamin tax attorneys prove to be invaluable in addressing them early before they expand into large tax burdens.
Estate, trust and guardianship litigation requires recognition of the interplay among federal and state statutes and case law. Furthermore, these disputes frequently involve business disagreements, family dynamics and emotional components that warrant a thoughtfully crafted approach to achieve the client’s objectives without ruining important relationships. While advocating our clients’ positions, Lawrence Kamin attorneys explore and promote alternative strategies to resolving disputes, including mediation and arbitration, in order to best accomplish our clients’ goals affordably and with as little collateral damage as possible.

To help our clients avoid or limit the expense and inconvenience of lawsuits, Lawrence Kamin litigators work closely with our estate planning attorneys to assist clients with the development of estate plans that address their unique needs and concerns. Often times, a well-designed estate plan can be the most effective tool to meet a family’s testamentary goals, while also limiting tax liability and avoiding later disputes.

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