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Litigation & Risk Management

When a legal dispute calls for a fight, a client wants a litigator with a demonstrated record of success—someone who will zealously advocate for its rights and protect its legal and business interests. Someone like the trial attorneys at Lawrence Kamin.

A recent assessment found that Lawrence Kamin’s litigators have succeeded in an overwhelming majority of the cases they have brought to trial or arbitration hearing over the past two decades. According to the analysis, our clients either won outright or obtained a judgment or award more favorable than the clients’ pre-trial settlement offers. Although we cannot guarantee success in a particular case, our track record reflects both our trial attorneys’ proficiency in the courtroom and their ability to accurately assess the economic impact and settlement value of a case.

Lawrence Kamin attorneys recognize that litigation and trials are merely tools for resolving disputes and preserving our clients’ rights. For every engagement, we assist clients in identifying their strategic objectives and core concerns and then work with them to map out the most efficient paths to overall success. This approach is of critical importance, as clients may have diverse and sometimes competing business goals that need to be thoughtfully considered and factored into their legal strategy. Some client objectives—minimizing operational disruption, limiting costs of defense, controlling publicity, maintaining trust with regulators, or salvaging important business client relationships—may be inconsistent with an aggressive trial strategy, while others, such as protecting trade secrets and confidential information, demand immediate action and unrelenting advocacy. We regularly reassess costs and potential outcomes and reconfirm with our client its goals and concerns. At every turn, we look for the path that most efficiently accomplishes our client’s objectives.

Whether a client’s problem requires a courtroom battle or a nuanced compromise, Lawrence Kamin’s litigation group stands ready to assist. Contact us today.

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