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Commercial Litigation

Lawrence Kamin commercial litigation attorneys aggressively defend and prosecute cases on behalf of businesses in state and federal courts, administrative and self-regulatory agencies, and alternative dispute resolution forums.

Lawsuits and disputes present double-edged problems for businesses and their principals. For aggrieved entities and individuals seeking to enforce contracts, recover damages, or vindicate property rights, lawsuits often distract from day-to-day business operations and interrupt cash flow. For clients defending against claims, regulatory and reputational risk may present threats that extend well beyond financial damages or liability. At Lawrence Kamin, we understand that litigation is not our clients’ principal business. Working with our clients, we design and implement strategies that align each client’s litigation goals to its business strategy to ensure that our clients can maintain critical focus on the management of their business.

No single answer or strategy is appropriate for every commercial case. Many business disputes demand uncompromising and unrelenting prosecution, and nothing short of trial and verdict will suffice. Yet, we also recognize that trial is not a goal, but merely a tool for accomplishing a client’s objectives. Some matters may warrant an acknowledgment of liability and a quick resolution. Others might be resolved best through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration.

All matters, however, receive Lawrence Kamin’s uncompromised commitment to vigorously advocating for our clients’ legal interests, as we work to structure and execute an efficient, cost-effective commercial litigation plan.

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