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Lawrence Kamin Wins $1 Million NFA Arbitration

  Authors: John Monical and Theodore Harman  Lawrence Kamin successfully defended an individual employee (“Employee”) against a $1 million arbitration by a Futures commissions merchant (“FCM”).  The FCM claimed that the Employee, an employee of an introducing broker (“IB”), should be personally liable for placing losing trades in the account of the IB’s owner. Read […]

Tax-Free Rollovers from 529 Accounts to Roth IRAs

Author: Mary Miles  A 529 plan is a tax advantage savings plan designed to help pay for education as governed by Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code. Typical investors are parents who designate their children as beneficiaries of the 529 accounts. The 529 plans grow tax-deferred, and withdrawals are tax-free and penalty-free if used to […]

Tips to Eliminate the Gift Tax

Author: Mary Miles Are you planning to make a financial gift to your loved ones but worried about the gift tax? Here are some tips to eliminate the gift tax. In 2023, a single individual can gift up to $17,000, while a married couple can gift up to $34,000 without incurring gift tax. And the […]

Six Legal Tips to Consider When Starting Your New Business

Starting a new business can be an exciting and overwhelming process. With so much to consider, it’s essential to ensure you adhere to all the legalities in starting a new business. In this article, we’ll provide six tips to help you navigate the legal requirements when starting a business. 1. Research State Requirements The first […]

How to Spot a Sneaky Savvy Scammer?

Here’s a story from Joseph A. Zarlengo, Partner at Lawrence Kamin, about a savvy scammer who tried to trick him.  “I was just involved in a potential scam. I received a telephone call from somebody saying they were with Comcast and they had a promotional offer for me. Essentially the offer was they would reduce […]

The Chicago Estate Planning Council Chooses Jessica Heller for the Emerging Leaders Program

The Chicago Estate Planning Council (CEPC) chose Jessica Heller, Tax and Estate Paralegal at Lawrence Kamin, for the Emerging Leaders Program of 2022 – 2024. This is a prestigious program. Only those with a strong commitment to estate planning, service, discipline, and high-quality work product are considered for this program.  Ted A. Koester, Partner at […]

What is the difference between powers of attorney and limited guardianship?

We were recently approached by a client with the following scenario: “We have an adult family member with autism who is high functioning, but has special needs. Should we create and rely on powers of attorney or seek a limited guardianship to help protect and support this family member?” The answer to this question is […]

Clifford Holm Named Partner

CHICAGO, Illinois – Lawrence Kamin, a business law firm based in the Chicago and Indiana areas, is proud to announce the promotion of Clifford (“Cliff”) Holm to the position of Partner with the firm. Lawrence Kamin’s 90-year history provides dedication to local, regional and national businesses, financial institutions, manufacturers and distributors, insurance companies, and wealthy […]

Firm Partner Appointed Associate Judge in Cook County

Prominent Lawrence Kamin partner and litigation attorney, Mitchell B. Goldberg, has been appointed as an Associate Judge in the Cook County Circuit Court in Chicago.  Mitch was one of 44 candidates selected from 225 applicants by a nominating committee led by Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans.  Each applicant was evaluated by the Chicago Bar Association […]

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