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President Trump Issues Four Executive “Actions”: Payroll Tax, Student Loans, Unemployment and Evictions

On August 8, 2020, President Trump took the unusual—and highly controversial—unilateral executive action route to provide limited economic relief to U.S. citizens without the approval of Congress. His actions were in the form of three executive memoranda and one executive order, which are summarized herein.

CARES Act: Charitable Contribution Modifications for Tax Year 2020

In addition to stimulus payments to taxpayers, expanded unemployment benefits for workers, and tax relief and loans for businesses, the CARES Act provides tax relief for individual taxpayers, including expansion of tax benefits for charitable giving.

CARES Act: Retirement Plan Changes for 2020

While most of the CARES Act focuses on providing economic relief for businesses, certain provisions temporarily impact the rules for retirement plans and required minimum distributions.

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