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Collateral Switch Allows Client to Collect its Winnings

SITUATION:  Our firm was engaged by a manufacturer client to defend against litigation brought forth by a contracted buyer after a stand-off between the two parties.  The manufacturer refused to deliver custom-made products to the Buyer after the Buyer failed to make over $100,000 in payments. The Buyer’s suit demanded delivery of the custom products […]

Coordinated Defense Thwarts Class Action Firm’s Planned Entry Into Industry

SITUATION: A class action law firm decided to expand its practice and start pursuing claims by investors against broker-dealers.  A national broker-dealer assigned defense of one of the early cases to Lawrence Kamin. STRATEGY:  At our firm’s suggestion, the broker-dealer organized a task force with its competitors to coordinate and share information about the cases […]

Call to Battle Drives Favorable Commercial Settlement

SITUATION: Prior to hiring Lawrence Kamin, a national trade association had spent over a year in self-directed, unproductive, drawn-out settlement negotiations in a $350,000 contract dispute with one of its computer vendors. For internal reasons, the client’s primary objective was to avoid trial. STRATEGY: After assessing the situation, Lawrence Kamin concluded that the vendor also […]

Reframing Legal Argument Turns Feared Defeat into Complete Victory

SITUATION: A large U.S. grain merchant was sued for $6 million by a foreign purchaser for breach of contract, when the grain the purchaser had ordered was not shipped in accordance with the parties’ sales agreement.   As a result of a shortage of shipping containers during the contract period, the client was only able to […]

Accepting Responsibility Avoids Liability and Defense Costs

SITUATION: An international bank client had promised a payroll tax company that its wire transfers would be completed within 24 hours of request. The bank hired Lawrence Kamin after the bank’s anti-money laundering procedures caused a full day’s delay in a wire transfer, resulting in a quarter-million dollar tax penalty for the payroll tax company’s […]

Turning Their Weapon Against Them Wins the Case

SITUATION: A national broker-dealer engaged Lawrence Kamin to defend an $8 million claim brought by six investors. Each investor alleged that he had received unsuitable investment advice from the same financial adviser at the firm. One key piece of evidence was a scathing internal memo written by the adviser’s supervisor, which criticized the adviser’s proposed […]

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