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Widow’s Trust Protected from Trustee Theft

When a trustee attempted to skim $100,000 from a widow’s trust, our attorneys quickly intervened to thwart the trustee’s plan. We immediately facilitated cancellation of the trustee’s access to our client’s trust, notified the state agency to conduct an elder abuse investigation, and commenced litigation that recovered all of the stolen funds.

$3 million Savings Fund Created for Client’s Family Through Strategic Tax Planning

Our attorneys effectively leveraged $600,000 of a terminally ill client’s tax exemptions to create a $3 million savings fund for the client’s family tax-free. As a result, the client was able to create a large pool of assets that would cover the education and health care needs for the family for generations.

Strategic Tax Planning Saves Client Millions, Secures Financial Control and Income While Setting Aside Wealth for Children

SITUATION: An extremely wealthy client engaged Lawrence Kamin to devise a strategy that would allow a substantial portion of their estate to be gifted to their children while allowing the client to maintain control and retain the income from the gifted assets. STRATEGY: Our seasoned tax planning attorneys structured and implemented a plan. Using special […]

Strategic Thinking and Quick Legal Action Saves Family’s Home From Unscrupulous Caretaker

SITUATION: The children of a deceased parent came to Lawrence Kamin for urgent legal assistance when the parent’s hired caretaker claimed to assume ownership of all of the parent’s assets, including the home. STRATEGY: Lawrence Kamin immediately launched a battery of investigative tactics, scouring land ownership records and court records, to gather evidence while simultaneously […]

Charitable Planning Saves Taxes and Improves Donor’s Family Culture

SITUATION: A high net worth and charitably-inclined client wanted to get their nieces and nephews involved in philanthropy. STRATEGY: Our estate planning attorneys designed and created a private foundation for the client to support a number of charities that enlisted the children’s input as to which worthy causes the foundation would support. RESULT: After just […]

Record Procurement and Alternative Court Venue Recovers Lost Inheritance for Defrauded Heirs

SITUATION:  A group of heirs engaged Lawrence Kamin to represent them in a claim for lost inheritance after another law firm lost their Will contest in Probate Court. Our clients were due to receive an inheritance under their grandfather’s and step-grandmother’s irrevocable joint and mutual Will after both grandparents had died.  Following the death of […]

Thoughtful Asset Protection Planning Saves Family Business

SITUATION: A client who owned a large construction company sought legal counsel to protect the client’s business from interruption or even cessation should a lawsuit arise. STRATEGY: Our business attorneys set up a separate legal entity, in this case an LLC, to purchase millions of dollars-worth of heavy equipment and vehicles of the client’s operating […]

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